Suitcase Stalls + Market FAQs

Stall Holder Information

Applicants may only operate within their allocated stall site. The stall space is defined by the markings within the venue. Stalls extend into the walkway by 1 meter (White Dots mark the limit). The use of walkways between stall sites and vacant stall sites for the placing or storage of goods is prohibited

What do I need to bring?

  • Proof of registration
  • Stall set up – tables, chairs etc.
  • Rubbish bags for refuse
  • Coins/cash for change


How much is it to have a stall?

It costs $25 to register for a stall. This fee covers your registration but NOT your public liability insurance.

What’s the size of a stall space?

The size of stall spaces vary. As a rough guide, we go off the size of a standard picnic rug for the size of a stall space. This is roughly 1.5m x 1m space allocation.

Can I bring a clothes rack to hang my clothes on?

No, you cannot bring a clothes rack or any other piece of (large) infrastructure. You must display your wares using your suitcases or on your stall. There are many creative ways of using your suitcases to best display your goods. Have a play

What happens if it rains?  

Nothing it is all indoors.

What can I sell?

You can sell anything that is handmade and hand crafted, second-hand, recycled, vintage, local, designed, sustainable – anything really!

I’ve registered for a stall but now can’t make it – can I get a refund or transfer my registration to another month?

No, our terms and conditions are clear that we cannot provide a refund or transfer a registration to another month. We will only provide a refund if we cancel an event.

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