Photography From The Street- A Youth Perspective.

A great photo can be found almost anywhere, from a bridge by the Yarra River to a backyard fire pit.

Join Imran Abul Kashem, has he shares insight on some of his favourite street photography techniques.

You'll learn Imran’s techniques for composing your shot with your smartphone or camera, taking advantage of natural light, and overall just having fun pushing your photo skills no matter what level of experience you have.

Whether you're a complete beginner, a seasoned shooter or an Instagram enthusiast, Imran's process will inspire you to take your photography to the next level.

Imran is an ambassador for the Multi Cultural Arts Victoria Emerge Cultural Leadership program.

This program is Free for youth 12-25 years and part of SKCCs Youth Week Programs.

Each student will work on their own story, developing and learning new skills and a chance to exhibit their very own photography.

This 2 week workshop includes:

Week 1 Photography Basics plus looking at Street Photography and Photo editing

Week 2 Photo analysis of your work and improvement techniques. Introducing different types of photography

This course is suitable for students with cameras or APPLE  and ANDROID Phones.

This session is run by ZOOM on 21ST AND 28TH November at 10:30am

Photography From The Street- A Youth Perspective.

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12.2.10. For exercise activities: Adequate lighting and ventilation. Adequate and suitable equipment: small weights (or request a loan of weights from SKCC if you do not have suitable weights). A closed-lid drink bottle filled with water for hydration. Non-slip floor surface and if required, a non-slip exercise mat. Suitable exercise attire and non-slip exercise footwear.

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