South Kingsville Community Centre is launching "Know Your Neighbour"

People often feel disconnected from each other, at the best of times. And now, with social distancing and restrictions on public movements and gatherings during COVID-19, it can be even harder to maintain relationships with those around you.

My mother in the UK was under restrictions during COVID-19 and each week I would be given updates on how fantastic her neighbours have been, daily or weekly phone calls to see if she needed any shopping, medicine. Did she need her bins taken out or bills paid at the post office? This made me think of my own neighbours in Melbourne and how I often can go months without seeing them. This prompted me to thinking what we could do to help others and ourselves at this time, what are the little things we can each do.

A survey was drafted to see how much people really knew about their neighbours and if they were interested in getting to Know their Neighbours. This was distributed to our community network and facebook page.

In our recent Know Your Neighbour survey:

  • 40% of people speak to their neighbours regularly
  • 73% of people did not know their neighbours surname and
  • 85% think the population of Australia speak to their neighbours less now than in the last 10 years.
  • Facebook was the most popular online communication tool in their community.
  • 89% are interested in the Know Your Neighbour Campaign.
  • Public events and food events were the most popular projects people are interested in.
  • Face to face was the most popular mode of delivery at 60%

What is Know Your Neighbour?

Our Know Your Neighbour campaign is in two parts. The first part is looking at the small ways we can help you maintain or build new connections with our neighbours, and even make a few friendships along the way. It’s about the little things, it’s about taking the time to take part in small and local acts of neighbourliness. For those who show kindness and a smile, the benefits are huge, not only for the giver, but for those who are at the receiving end. It can definitely improve your day. Good relationships can transform communities and knowing our neighbours is important. It makes our neighbourhood safer and also makes us feel better because social connections help prevent loneliness, isolation and depression.

This is relevant now more than ever, as we all struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can you be part of Know your Neighbour?

It’s simple. It’s about the little things that make a difference. It’s about a friendly wave or saying a quick hello, at a safe difference. It’s about putting your neighbours bins out if needed or swopping a good recipe to try or even recommending a book to read.

It’s about starting the conversation and building new relationships.

And in the current COVID-19 lifestyle, you can also lend a helping hand to those around you.

If you have a neighbour who is self-isolating, especially those in the vulnerable and at risk categories, fill out the Know Your Neighbour calling card to let them know you’re around if they need anything to help get them through.

What help you can offer is up to you – there’s a range of options you can tick on the card, whether it’s picking up some groceries or supplies, walking their dog or just having a friendly chat over the phone.

Our social media campaign designed by Taliana Design is online at or Instagram @southkingsvillecc. Please help spread the word. This campaign is for everyone, let's make a difference in our neighbourhood.

How can organisations help with the Know Your Neighbour campaign?

By sharing a post, filling in the calling cards for your local area, leading by example by giving a wave or saying hello when we are on our daily walk, planning your own local Know Your Neighbour event.

What’s next?

The second part of the campaign will be post covid19 restrictions., SKCC are very excited to be planning on hosting their own Know Your Neighbours event. A handbook is available free on our website to help you plan your own Know Your Neighbours events.


If you are interested in help sponsoring this campaign or being involved in the Know Your Neighbour events. Please contact us at

Disclaimer: The Know Your Neighbour campaign and related publications were produced by South Kingsville Community Centre and the information should be used as a guide only. It does not accept any responsibility, and expressly disclaim any liability, for any loss or damage, whether direct or consequential, suffered by any person as the result of or arising from reliance on any information contained in the publication.

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